Location Based Advertising

Location Based Advertising can be the most personal form of advertising on a mobile and if used correctly can deliver exceptional results. Mobile display advertising on mobile is a rapidly growing industry, with the amount of inventory available increasing exponentially. The rise of mobile networks and agency trading desks has made it easier than ever to buy, sell and track campaigns. The type of inventory available has also evolved with expandable ads like image, coupons, text which can be interactive and can even play video and audio. Their popularity – particularly with creative agencies – has given the industry some award winning campaigns over the past months. Add location to the mix and you can create an impressive end result.

We are all part of a technological revolution – smart phone technology is rapidly growing and the rate of consumer adoption is matching it. It is technology that has driven the capabilities of Location Based Advertising and has opened the door for marketers to use clever techniques to get their brand in front of consumers.


Simply put Location Based Advertising allows brands to adapt their marketing ads like image,coupons,text,audio and video based on where consumers are geographically. By knowing where your consumers are, brands are able to tap into daily habits and also encourage consumers with relevant offers and messages which relate to their location. Actually it will increase the response, drive footfall into stores and influence spend. All very attractive for any marketer!

Consumers (Mobile Users)

With the rise of vouchers and earning on clicks by viewing ads on mobile, consumers become more tech savvy, consumers seem more than happy to receive information to their handset as long as it is relevant. According to a consumer survey carried out by the IAB in 2010, 49% of consumers would use LBA more if the information they received was more relevant and useful. Social media has played a big part in consumer adoption of LBA; if consumers are using the platform already, they are more receptive to use additional features like location. If they are getting something back and are able to connect with their advertisers this adds an even larger benefit.