Our Ads On Mobile application dashboard is designed to be clean, simple, and user friendly. Actions such as defining Geofences, setting up campaigns, reporting and analytics are easy to complete and manage. With the rise of pay per click and vouchers as consumers become more tech savvy, consumers seem more than happy to receive information to their handset. If they are getting something back, this makes advertiser adds an larger benefit to view Ads.

How it works
  • Just Login with user name and password.
  • Click and Upload your Ad.
  • Browse your ad (Ex:Video,Audio,Image,Coupons and Text) to get advertise on mobile phones.
  • Target your Audience as per your interests (Ex: Particular Location Area with Range in Kms,Postal Pincode,City,District,State,Country,Global) to ensure your message reaches the right mobile users.
Manage Your Ad Campaigns
  • Set your cost-per-click bid price.
  • Adjust your bids budget at any time.
  • Get the campaign insights and reporting you need to make smart advertising decisions.
  • View the status of your campaigns.
  • Monitor views, clicks and click-through rate.
  • Experience an effective, efficient mobile advertising solution for any size business.
  • Get Leads by message to your mobile number.
  • Reach your customers while they’re on the go with ads on mobile devices.
  • Different types of ads that you can show on mobile devices.